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My Projects

The Re-Awakening: FrankenStorms
I didn't know just exactly where that first MindStorms set would take me.
Out of My Dark Age,
Into the Dark Ages

Once upon a time, I imagined a castle...
An ocean-going research vessel.

Making Trains Safe for Minifigs Everywhere
A set of automated gates and signal lights for level crossings on train layouts.

Bride of FrankenStorms
I wrote an H8 assembler and disassembler and am working on a simple C compiler for the RCX.
I also added MindStorms support to SoftWIRE.
Mosaic Madness
When NELUG created a mosaic of the Boston skyline, I wrote a program to divide the full image into kits to be assembled by individual members.
Le Gorge
I built a train table that sits below the level of its neighbors, then filled in the gap with LEGO.
Wicked Awesome Cahs to Pahk in the Yahd
Where I come from, it isn't a town without a little bit of traffic.
My Own Monorail
A long-time dream of mine is to build a vehicle that can ride along the top of a one-brick-wide wall.
Twas The Night Before The Festival
I created a nativity set, complete with shepherds, wise men, and a host of barnyard animals and musicians of lore.
A LEGO Clock Tower
A minifig scale, working clock tower with four synchronized faces.
A Place for Everything...
A documentary of my eternal quest to have my entire collection either built into models or sorted where I can find it.
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Copyright (c) 2003 by Christopher Phillips. All Rights Reserved.
LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies, which does not sponsor, authorize, or endorse this site.