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LEGO® is a trademark of
the LEGO Group of companies,
which does not sponsor,
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LUGNET, The LEGO Users Group Network www.lugnet.com
THE online source for information about all things LEGO, and even a few things non-LEGO.

NELUG, The New England LEGO Users Group www.nelug.org
My local LEGO User's Group, a great bunch of adult fans of the brick. We meet regularly and produce several public displays every year. Check out our web site for pictures of some of our train displays and our scale model of the Leonard Zakim Bridge.

The BrickShelf Gallery of LEGO Creations www.brickshelf.com
A wonderful site that generously allows anybody to post their LEGO-related pictures on the Internet. Search the BrickShelf gallery by keyword to see some amazing creations by people all around the globe! Also contains downloadable scans of the instructions for almost every LEGO set ever to go out of production.

Peeron Set Inventories www.peeron.com
Find out what pieces are in which sets, and what they're called.

BrickLink Unofficial LEGO Marketplace www.bricklink.com
The easiest way to buy and sell individual LEGO pieces from collectors.

LEGO (everybody's favorite toy company) www.lego.com
I am constantly amazed that I continue to find new ways that the same old pieces fit together. It happens every other week or so. The parts they just invented last week always work so well with the parts they haven't made since 1968 that you wonder how they can possibly design such flexible toys.

Pitsco LEGO Dacta www.pldstore.com
A great source for educational materials and hard-to-find LEGO sets.

Copyright (c) 2003 by Christopher Phillips. All Rights Reserved.
LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies, which does not sponsor, authorize, or endorse this site.
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